What our customers say

Access Physicians has been the most effective initiative in improving satisfaction from all levels of care, with an immediate impact.
— Chief Clinical Officer
We can now safely provide the needed care for these patients in our facility. This technology and service will be a game changer for our patients and our community.
— ED Medical Director
The performance metrics that we collectively targeted are being consistently met. I’m extremely pleased with the program and outcomes.
— Market CEO
I had a Nursing Supervisor meeting this week and asked my night supervisors how they felt the telemedicine was – ALL POSITIVE! They said they felt the docs were easy to approach, get ahold of, and work with and they felt more supported than before.
— Hospital Chief Clinical Officer
The feedback from our staff so far is that your physicians are exceptional to work with.
— Hospital CEO
Access Physicians has done a tremendous job incorporating telemedicine as our house physician coverage model, and have done so with great success and strong quality outcomes!
— Senior Vice President
The nurses are ecstatic with the program so far. This is a great thing for our hospital!
— Acute Stoke Program Manager
Before we rarely kept high risk patients, all were transferred out. Now with Access Physicians we have these capabilities and access to expertise, which is better for the patient and easier on the family. Telemedicine has allowed us to save lives.
— Chief Nursing Officer
I can’t stress enough that Access Physicians has expanded our ability to take care of sicker patients. We form bonds with these families, and Access Physicians allows the patient to stay closer to home. Instead of having to drive to the city and navigate some big hospital, they can get that same treatment here. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.
— ICU Director
Thank you for your unwavering support. No matter how big your company grows, we always feel like the most important client regardless of the facility we’re in at the time. Thank you for that!
— Hospital Market CEO
What we found in Access Physicians was a true partner. They think about the medicine first, they are all doing this because they want to take better care of patients - to get resources to the people who need it.
— VP of Clinical Programs
Telemedicine is not possible without the machinery, but it’s only as good as the physicians behind it. My advice to others is vet your partner for more than just their technology: their skill set, credentials, and what else they bring to the table, how committed they are, their culture. Access Physicians has elevated the care in our community.
— Chief Nursing Officer
My ICU nurses were very complimentary of Access Physicians. They mention things like: exceptionally easy to work with, awesome, very pleasant, and the families said they are wonderful. WOW!
— ICU Director
Because Access Physicians has given us the ability to instantly connect the patient and the family to the doctor, when the family is available, via telemedicine, families are able to make the right care decisions. This instant connectivity has allowed us to have conversations at the right time, which we’ve seen dramatically improve the satisfaction level of families and help us keep patients in our hospitals.
— Hospital Market CEO
Big companies come in and say look how great our cart is, look at all the bells and whistles. I don’t need that - I need to talk to patients, I need it to be easy to use for my doctors and nurses, and I need it to never go down, because the cart is our lifeline. The Access Physicians cart does all that.
— VP of Clinical Programs

What our patients say

I feel our community is blessed and fortunate to have these extraordinary physicians in our local area! I do my best in spreading the news to the community that Access Physicians are here. Thank you so much for helping me feel better!
— Patient
We live in a pretty small town. The hospital is good but in that moment, we needed specialty care, and my wife was able to get it immediately because of telemedicine.
— Husband of a patient
Access Physicians saved my life and I know it will save countless others. This is one of the best things to happen to our community, ever. I can never tell them thank you enough for giving me my life!
— Natalie, patient from Texas
Words are insufficient to express my gratitude for the important role everyone at Access Physicians played in treating my husband for the last few months. He got to know and respect each of you – even if on the tele – and he considered each of you to be his friend. Thank you to each of you for your unceasing efforts and for your personal concern (for both of us).
— Wife of a patient
My nephew said he really liked the doctor. He can be hard to please! He thought she was very thorough and he didn’t feel rushed like he did with his other endocrinologist. Thank you Access Physicians so much for taking care of him!
— Aunt of a patient

What our physicians say

The first day we launched the telemedicine MFM program, I saw a mother who’s baby had a cleft lip that had not been caught on earlier scans with a local radiology group. I walked the sonographer live through getting the optimal shots of lip/palate. She was at 36 weeks, so this saved her and the family a bad surprise at the time of delivery, and we were able to put together a game plan for a safe and planned delivery locally.
— Physician, Access Physicians
Should you be lucky enough to land a spot with Access Physicians, it will be the best job you have ever had. That is not an exaggeration.
— Physician, Access Physicians
I’m really grateful for this job and getting to work with Access Physicians. You guys have been the best employer I’ve ever had!
— Physician, Access Physicians

Access Physicians is committed to increasing access to elite physicians through telemedicine.