Increase access to specialty care through a physician-agnostic approach -
yours, ours, or both. 

Create enterprise-wide, scalable clinical programs across the continuum of care while preserving quality.

HIPAA-compliant telemedicine carts and stations - built by physicians, for clinicians - optimize the ideal patient encounter.


As one of the largest providers of inpatient acute telemedicine in the US, Access Physicians scales clinical and financial outcomes across the enterprise by increasing access to elite physicians committed to clinical excellence.



“Before we rarely kept high risk patients, all were transferred out. Now with Access Physicians we have these capabilities and access to expertise, which is better for the patient and easier on the family. Telemedicine has allowed us to save lives.”
— Chief Nursing Officer


  • Save money on your physician coverage costs while filling gaps
  • Create scalable, clinical programs to reduce mortality, optimize LOS, and decrease unnecessary transfers, readmissions, and send-outs
  • Drive revenue by increasing census, CMI, throughput, referrals, and satisfaction scores
  • Reduce the burden of managing your physician workforce while expanding access to specialty care

“I can’t stress enough that Access Physicians has expanded our ability to take care of sicker patients. We form bonds with these families, and Access Physicians allows the patient to stay closer to home. Instead of having to drive to the city and navigate some big hospital, they can get that same treatment here. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”
— ICU Director


  • Around-the-clock, immediate access to a network of elite physicians
  • Reduce burnout to improve work-life balance, focus and efficiency
  • Enhance care to nurture the connection with patients
  • Improve clinical capabilities through collaborative telemedicine encounters
  • Advance knowledge to support and empower your nursing staff

“Access Physicians has been the most effective initiative in improving satisfaction from all levels of care, with an immediate impact.”
— Chief Clinical Officer


  • Expand 24/7 immediate access to specialty care
  • Reduce transfers to treat patients in their home community
  • Increase confidence in the quality of care
  • Boost customer satisfaction with a transformative care experiences
  • Keep family and friends more informed

How much can you save while increasing access to exceptional care?