Our mission is simple:

Bring clinical excellence to medicine by delivering world class physicians and redefine the standard of care in telemedicine.
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Bringing World-Class Physicians to Your Hospital

The largest physician-founded, peer-referenced medical
group providing inpatient telemedicine in the U.S.

Designed by physician leaders. For hospitals. For patients.

World-Class Physicians

Access Physicians prides itself on the quality and pedigree of its physician team. We are the largest physician-founded, peer-referenced medical group providing inpatient telemedicine in the U.S.

Only U.S. board-certified and board-eligible physicians from the top medical schools and leading health systems are eligible to join our practice. Every physician on our team is referred by a current, credentialed Access Physicians physician.

Proprietary Training to Ensure High Touch Care

Telemedicine is an art and a science. There are practices and behaviors unique to telemedicine that must be learned, practiced, and honed. All our physicians are trained in providing care and consultation through virtual means. Our “break through the screen” curriculum teaches physicians the importance of connecting emotionally and personally with patients, their families and caregivers, and other health professionals. It teaches how to minimize the physical barriers to interpersonal connection and maximize the integrity and effectiveness of the patient-physician relationship.

There is only one opportunity for a first impression.  Our physicians all get one-on-one training on etiquette, communication, and the nuances of telemedicine before a seeing a single patient.

Integrate With Your Hospital’s Clinical Teams

Access Physicians believes in full medical staff integration, including with nursing and other ancillary staff. Our physicians are accountable to your medical staff’s protocols, goals, and standards of care.

Partner hospitals call our physicians directly instead of navigating call centers. And, we proactively contact hospitals’ on-site staff to huddle before and after each shift. Our physicians and your nurses are on a first-name basis, and proactive communication is encouraged and promoted.

Dedicated Pods of Specialists

Our telemedicine model dedicates a group of physicians to each hospital we work with so that these physicians become part of the care team, even though they are not physically present. We prioritize the ongoing collegial relationship between the virtual physician(s) and the on-site health care professionals, whether that’s other physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, or pharmacists. The success of our model is the result of this purposeful team-based approach.

Access Physicians also manages all of credentialing documentation, licensure, and certifications of all our physicians. Our in-house credentialing team work directly with each hospital to make sure all of our physicians are ready to work at the time of launch.