Our mission is simple:

Bring clinical excellence to medicine by delivering world class physicians and redefine the standard of care in telemedicine.
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More Than Telemedicine.

Today, telemedicine should be about more than technology.
That's why Access Physicians designed its business around the very best patient care possible.

Designed by physician leaders. For hospitals. For patients.

Rethink Telemedicine

We start with the medicine. We start with our physicians. With our network of more than 600 specialists and subspecialists from some of the nation’s most esteemed health care systems and academic medical centers, every hospital in every community can give its patients world-class care.

We facilitate that care with our technology. Our telemedicine carts are designed by physicians who understand how powerful technology can be but also how it can obstruct and frustrate if not done well.

And, we support that care by working with hospitals to make it financially sustainable.

Solve Critical Issues and Challenges With Our Unique Approach

Reduce physician
coverage costs.

We review your costs and clinical and referral challenges. Then we collaborate on a coverage plan to achieve your financial goals.

Increase access
to world-class physicians.

Our physicians are board-certified/eligible and come from the nation’s leading healthcare institutions. They are peer-referred and demonstrate an ability to deliver exceptional care through telemedicine.

clinical outcomes.

Great doctors provide great care, with customized workflows to reduce mortality, length-of-stay, and transfers and increase census, case mix index, throughput, and satisfaction.

Create scalable clinical
programs of excellence.

The hallmark of our success is our nearly decade-long track record of creating scalable clinical programs while elevating quality across the enterprise.

Technology That Works … For Hospitals, Providers and Patients

When we founded Access Physicians, we started with the premise that we could and should bring high quality specialty care to more patients, particularly those with complex, high-acuity conditions. We knew we could do this through telemedicine. But, we were frustrated with existing technology. None of it was designed to facilitate a better health care experience and outcome for the patient, and none of it was at a reliability or usability level we felt was necessary to support – not impede – care delivery. So, we built our own. As physicians working in hospitals, we understand how powerful technology can be, but we’ve also experienced technology that obstructs and frustrates. We brought all that experience and knowledge to bear on how we created our telemedicine cart.

More Than Telemedicine

Partner with Access Physicians and do more than telemedicine.

  • Further your hospital’s financial, quality and operational goals.
  • Provide meaningful, personal, and individualized care experiences and positive outcomes for patients.
  • Support and sustain your health care workforce and promote lifelong learning and professional development.