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Bring clinical excellence to medicine by delivering world class physicians and redefine the standard of care in telemedicine.
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Founded by Physicians. For a Better Care Experience.

With a history rooted in direct patient care, Access Physicians built its telemedicine model to empower clinicians to deliver a better care experience and outcomes.

Designed by physician leaders. For hospitals. For patients.

Founded by Physicians

Access Physicians began with the premise that zip code need not dictate physician availability and patient access. The group was founded in 2013 with the belief that more could and should be done to bring high-quality specialty care to more patients, particularly those with complex, high-acuity conditions. Having worked in both rural and urban hospital settings, founders Dr. Chris Gallagher and Dr. Eduardo Vadia wanted to remedy the disparity in resources so that smaller hospitals need not transfer patients with complex care needs to other, more distant hospitals.

The founding physicians knew these goals could be achieved by leveraging the power of technology. But, existing technology did not facilitate a better health care experience or outcome for the patient, and none of it was at a reliability or usability level necessary to support care delivery. So, the Access Physicians team led development of a new telemedicine cart to ensure ease of use for on-site clinicians, impeccable visibility and clarity for the physician, and a barrier-free experience for the patient. Over time, as physician practice needs have evolved, so has the cart so that it always delivers the best experience possible for physicians, nurses, and patients.

As technology and care models have evolved, Access Physicians remains a mission-driven organization of clinical and nonclinical team members who share a passion for excellence in patient care.

Access Physicians’ first telemedicine program was pulmonary and critical care with a rural hospital in East Texas. Today, Access Physicians deploys more than 240 cardiac arrest, cardiology, general neurology & acute stroke, hospitalist, infectious disease, pulmonary and critical care, and maternal-fetal specialty telemedicine programs in clinics and hospitals of all sizes in 24 states. The team has provided specialty care for more than 1.7 million patients with some of the most complex and high-acuity conditions.