Our mission is simple:

Bring clinical excellence to medicine by delivering world class physicians and redefine the standard of care in telemedicine.
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Clinical Excellence and Outcomes

Our Mission: Ensure timely access to a quality physician for every person in need.

Clinical Excellence

With an Access Physicians telemedicine program, great doctors provide great care, with customized workflows to reduce mortality, length-of-stay, and emergency department transfers and increase census, case mix index, throughput, and satisfaction.

Clinical Quality

Access Physicians’ internal clinical quality team leverages our quality reporting systems to create physician-level dashboards. These dashboards drive conversations and feedback with individual physicians to ensure clinical care is the best it can be.

Reporting & Metrics

Access Physicians partners with hospitals to implement customized telemedicine programs. We measure outcomes to demonstrate progress on hospitals’ stated goals. Some of our more commonly tracked/reported metrics include:

  • Encounters
  • Transfers initiated
  • Code Blue
  • Rapid Responses
  • Sign outs completed
  • High Acuity Encounters
  • Low Acuity Encounters
  • EEG reads
  • Calls per facility
  • Call turnaround time
  • Backup call utilization rate
  • Cart
  • Physician
  • Date
  • Duration
  • Service Line
  • Inbound calls from physician
  • Inbound calls from onsite staff
  • Case resolution time
  • First call resolution
  • Cases by facility, cart and physicians
  • Case by type (hardware/software/network) and reason
  • Transfers to higher level of care
  • Unfilled shifts
  • Locums utilization
  • CMI
  • Transfers to higher level of care
  • VAP (ventilator associated pneumonia)
  • ICU Readmissions
  • ICU Census
  • ICU Length of Stay
  • Transfers to higher level of care
  • Stroke patient retention rate
  • EEG utilization rate
  • Stroke responsiveness time
  • Total time to tPA
  • Door to decision time
  • Consult to tPA time
  • Decision to needle time
  • Transfer Reduction
  • Antimicrobial de-escalation rate
  • Antimicrobial cost reduction
  • Transfer reduction
  • Increase in total deliveries
  • Increased provider satisfaction
  • NICU/Nursery census
  • Antepartum days
  • Imaging Studies ordered
  • Hospital census
  • Billed Amounts
  • Contractual Adjustments
  • Receivables
  • Write-offs

Tech Support With a Clinical Sense of Urgency

Our U.S.-based health IT professionals are accountable to clinicians and trained for telemedicine support. They answer the call for help with a clinical sense of urgency because minutes matter, and failures to remain calm, communicate clearly and follow protocol affect patient outcomes. Current resolution time is < 4 minutes.