Access Physicians is one of the largest providers of inpatient telemedicine in the U.S.


Our physician-founded multispecialty group achieves clinical and financial outcomes across the enterprise by increasing access to elite, peer-referred specialists through scalable clinical programs and secure telemedicine technology.

We transform how hospitals traditionally find physicians, allowing access to the best and brightest specialists - no matter location or budget. 

clinical excellence through telemedicine



17% reduction in mortality with 1.6% absolute mortality reduction.        



2-3x increase in ICU census while decreasing length of stay.


Length of Stay

Average 15% decrease in length of stay for hospitalist service line.


Case Mix

Up to 20% increase in Case Mix Index, with some facilities achieving even higher results.



30-60% decrease in unnecessary transfers to other facilities.



Facilities can save more than 30% on physician coverage costs vs. traditional in-person coverage.



Fewer operational distractions with zero unfilled night or weekend shifts



9 out of 10 patients would recommend Access Physicians to a family member or friend.


OVER 1.3 MILLION High Acuity Patients Served

Our elite physicians leverage proprietary clinical programs to deliver care to the highest acuity of patients, including cardiac arrest (code blue), respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation, septic shock, vasopressors, advanced heart failure, and cardiogenic shock. Even more unique, outcomes in these high acuity situations are improved compared to traditional in-person coverage.

600+ Peer-Referenced Physicians, Nationwide

The vast majority of our physicians have trained at the top tier academic programs in the country. We believe the trend of commoditizing the physician doesn’t lead to quality outcomes. Quality physicians drive quality outcomes. As a result, we are a peer-reference only multispecialty group. To maintain our elite level of care, only U.S. board-certified and board-eligible physicians referred by an existing member are eligible to join. And yes, we have a waiting list.

1:1 Relationships Shorten Time to Clinical Encounter

Through telemedicine, we seek to transform the traditional model of accessing physicians. Yet, we know adoption and success is driven by a traditional nursing and patient experience. We group our specialists in dedicated pods, so they get to know your staff on a first name basis. Nurses feel more comfortable engaging us, while working at the top of their license, and the time to bedside shrinks to minutes, even seconds. 

Working in Your EMR

Documentation and order entry are done in your EMR. This avoids the hassle of integration and having data across systems, and allows our physicians to work collaboratively alongside your clinicians.

Custom Clinical Programs for Each Specialty

Scalable, clinical programs - from ICU care and cardiac arrest management to hospitalist cross coverage and routine consults - are designed to complement your existing physician workforce to deliver comprehensive care.

Cost-effective Technology with 24/7 Support

HIPAA-compliant telemedicine carts and stations - built by physicians, for clinicians - optimize the patient encounter. Meanwhile technical support representatives with a clinical sense of urgency understand the importance of rapid resolution for physicians caring for the highest acuity cases.

Success Stories

“Access Physicians saved my life and I know it will save countless others. This is one of the best things to happen to our community, ever. I can never tell them thank you enough for giving me my life!”
— Natalie from Texas

what we address

Expensive physician coverage?

We review your costs, clinical, and referral challenges, then collaborate on a coverage plan to achieve your financial goals.

Shortage of quality physicians?

Our physician-agnostic approach means we can complement, or even manage, your existing workforce. Fewer staffing headaches let leadership focus on revenue and quality.


Great doctors provide great care, with customized workflows to reduce mortality, LOS and ED transfers and increase census, CMI, throughput and satisfaction.

Lack alignment across

The hallmark of our success has been our track record of creating scalable clinical programs while preserving quality across the enterprise.

“Access Physicians has done a tremendous job incorporating telemedicine as our house physician coverage model, and have done so with great success and strong quality outcomes!”
— Senior Vice President
“I’m in awe of what Access Physicians has done for our community and residents. We’re not just a small rural hospital anymore. I would put our care up against anyone. Telemedicine has allowed us to save lives.”
— Chief Nursing Officer
“My advice to others is vet your partner for more than just their technology: their skill set, credentials, and what else they bring to the table, how committed they are, their culture. Access Physicians has elevated the care in our community.
— Chief Nursing Officer
“Telemedicine allows us to have conversations at the right time, which we’ve seen dramatically improve the satisfaction level of families and help us keep patients in our hospitals.”
— Market CEO

How much can you save while increasing access to exceptional care?